Build 360

Why choose Build 360 for your construction projects?
Build 360 is an award winning Certified General Contracting firm specializing in Residential and Commercial construction. Located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, we build in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We are different than other GC firms because our clients enjoy a gratifying construction experience from all perspectives. A concise level of detail and organization begins from the early stages of each project continuing thorough to a successful and timely completion. You want answers to all of your questions and to be informed consistently throughout your project. As our client, you can expect those services intuitively. We pay close attention, listen well, offer competitive budgets, build efficiently and deliver to your expectations from start to finish of your project. Build 360 provides you with an exceptional level of overall client satisfaction seldom seen in our industry.

What sets us apart from other builders?
Our integrity and level of professionalism set us apart from other General Contracting Firms. For most clients, the project budget is often the deciding factor when hiring a builder. Once the contract is signed and personal interaction begins, it becomes evident that there is so much more that matters in making the right choice. You will find that most builders “low” bid to secure a project. The lowest bid does not produce the most desirable outcome. Instead, it produces poor quality craftsmanship, late delivery, unforeseen change orders and disputes. Your realities are ours, and project costs are always a key component to bringing the job to fruition. With that said, we welcome the opportunity to achieve the budget goals you have in mind by offering lump sum, guaranteed maximum price or time and material contracts. We will competitively bid all trades with pre-approved and vetted trade subcontractors, and offer value engineering whenever possible to reduce building costs. Together, we will evaluate and re-evaluate during the construction timeline. Our clients appreciate our honest approach in securing the best “actual” budget for their project. Our diligent efforts and transparency in preparing each project budget develops trust in Build 360 which in turn causes our clients to entrust their future construction projects to us.

How can we enhance your project?
At last coming full circle Build 360 is proud to be a Steward of the Environment incorporating sustainable building practices at all of our job sites. Our company is award winning in this area and has been successful in achieving high certifications for various projects. At your request, we are happy to offer further suggestions of how your project can become more sustainable. Through energy and water efficiency, you will save on future maintenance costs of your new building or home and be kind to the earth at the same time!

Call us with your questions and for more information about why Build 360 is the right firm for your construction needs. 
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